The love story of TV actors Pooja Gor and Raj Arora was nothing short of a love story like fairies. The love of both was not one day. They spent not only 4 years together but 10 years. Both stay with each other with full honesty. The lovely story of Pooja and Raj gives the impression that they both had very good moments as a committed lover. But what happened suddenly after 10 years, this sweet story is ending tragically.

After Pooja and Raj’s love story, it is said that Pooja herself accepted this love story with an open heart. Rather, Arora kept avoiding this relationship from the beginning. Actually, Raj and Pooja first met on the set of the 2009 TV show “koi aane ko hai”. At that time, Pooja had entered the TV industry and she did not know much. However, Raj Arora was slightly senior to Pooja Gaur.

Raj Arora was in the TV industry since 2004. But suddenly in 2009, Pooja’s luck shone such that she got the lead role in the Star Plus show “PRATIGYA”. After which Pooja became famous in the house overnight. The show also became a big hit. However, Pooja did not forget her first love despite being such a big star among them all. His relationship with Raj Arora continued to grow. Despite this, Raj Arora did not have a great success like Pooja Gaur.

Meanwhile, Raj quit television and began his fortune in films. He acted in films like Gabbar Is Back but his luck in films was not much. And in 2016, he returned to the world of the TV show “YE HAIN MOHOBBATEIN”. However, Pooja Gaur remained the star. Despite the closure of the PRATIGYA show, Pooja continued to appear on different TV shows. When the film “Kedarnath” was released in the year 2018, there was a good discussion about his role. Pooja and Raj’s love story continued amidst all this.


Both of their Instagram profiles have been continuously showing such pictures, which shows that both love each other very much. After getting into a relationship, Pooja and Raj shared the same apartment and were an official couple in Mumbai. They go to every party together, a party with friends at home and holiday together. That is, this 10-year-old love that Pooja Gaur and Raj Jism are one life. But for some time, there were reports of sourness in Pooja and Raj’s relationship. This news started from 2018.

But Raj himself came forward and called these reports rubbish. But now after Pooja’s announcement, it seems that since 2008, there was a problem in their relationship. As Pooja also states in her note that after much thinking, she is ending the relationship. From this, it is clear that a lot of time has not been recovered. The question is what could be the reason for the break up of this beautiful couple.