Ex-Husband Abhinav breaks silence on Shweta’s allegations. Abhinav has termed Shweta’s allegations wrong. Has it been unfair to Abhinav? What is the truth of their shattered relationship? Let’s know Shweta Tiwari, an actress who creates her own identity at home, often stays in the limelight about her personal life. Shweta has made two weddings in her life. But both failed.

Talking to the entertainment news portal, Shweta made a lot of revelations about her personal life. Shweta Tiwari has told that her husband Abhinav Kohli is trying to ruin her by tarnishing her image. The actress said in the lobby of my house, Abhinav had said what it takes to tarnish the image of a woman. Just a post | Just one post and you will be ruined.

Now Abhinav has broken the silence on all the allegations. In a conversation with Zoom Digital, he said that really I should thank him. Because they have at least cleared that Raja Chaudhary was committing domestic violence and not me. Now he has made a new accusation on me that I had given him a threat that I will spoil his image by sharing the post. Honestly, how can I take away the honor of a woman? My account is a public Instagram account and all social media know it. Any woman can tell that in any of my posts, I have removed or raised the honor of a woman. There is nothing like this.


None of my posts are for that. I mean, I have told the truth. and talked about some topics like and never been accused of domestic violence or they have not divorced with me. I am repeating. Just trying to make my voice heard. My voice is muted.

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