Husband Abhinav Shukla gave a big update on Rubina Dilayak‘s condition. Said Rubina told me to go have fun. Some time ago Rubina also fell victim to Corona. During that time, her husband was not with her. At this time they are far away from each other. While Rubina is in Shimla, her husband Abhinav is in Mumbai.

Now Abhinav also has to fly to cape town. Abhinav is very upset in this situation. Of how he played games in the show. But now Abhinav has given updates about Rubina’s recovery. Before leaving, Abhinav has told that Rubina is recovering as soon as possible. Although she has not recovered completely but is much better than before.

In an interview given to Bollywood Life, Abhinav said that she is stable. I won’t say she has improved but she is stable. She has asked me to have fun because that is very important that you enjoy it. there is no other option but to be strong. and I have realized there is a lot of panic going on but this is the time to take the correct decision.


After the condition Rubina is better than ever, Abhinav will be able to leave for cape town with ease and focus on his game. Because from the past times Abhinav was getting very worried about the condition of his wife. He himself had said that how could he leave Rubina in this condition. Even if they are far from them.

Let me tell you that Abhinav will soon be seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi season 11. He will soon leave for cape town for the shoot. Because that’s where the show will be shot in its entirety. In this case, they are far away from Rubina in terms of distance. But in this condition, it would be difficult for him to remain without talking to Rubina and leave her alone, but not much. Abhinav breathed peace after knowing Ruby’s update now. Now Rubina herself has told Abhinav to have fun. I’m fine

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