Some time ago, we reported about Sanjay Kohli, the creator of ID Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain ‘and an Happu’s Ulta platoon’, which is a positive test for COVID-19. We have now come to know that another member of the television fraternity has also been infected with the virus. Actor Karam Rajpal, who is currently seen playing male lead, Guddu, ud doll Hamari sub pe bhaari ‘, has tested positive for coronavirus.

The actor, who has been shooting continuously since the TV show began shooting in June, is currently in Home Quarantine. Over the years, Karam has acted in a number of shows, including Sa Hamari Saas Leela ‘, Paricha’, Ang Mere Angane Mein ‘, kar naming’, aka Muskan ‘and’ Manmohini ‘.

The actor initially developed a common cold and fever, which he mistook for viral fever. He decided to take a break from shooting and rest, and stopped shooting last Monday. He was inspecting since then. On the advice of his doctor, Karam tested coronovirus and tested positive on Friday. Precautionary measures, corrected by routine sanitation and fumigation of the set, temperature checks are done several times a day for each crew member. However, unfortunately, Karam has tested positive for COVID-19. We wish him a speedy recovery. “