The Covid-19 epidemic is also reaching TV actors. So far Covid’s disease has caught many TV stars. Recently there was bad news from the set of ‘Naagin 5‘. Actor Sharad Malhotra, who is playing the role of Chill in the Naagin show, has been infected with Covid-19.

Sharad Malhotra told the reporter that he had mild symptoms of corona virus and left himself at home. Confirming the news, he said, if you stay positive, good things and people will be attracted towards you. Well, I think I took this line very seriously (smiling). Unfortunately, I have tested COVID-19 positive. I have mild symptoms and have calmed myself at home. After Sharad’s positive test, his wife also tested and tested negative.

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Surabhi shared a post on her Instagram Story and wrote “I want this face and go back to UNCLE @ sharadmalhotra009 #wearegood #prayers”

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Surabhi Chandana Earlier, Mohit also shared her wishes for Sharad in her Instagram Story, and wrote, “I am absolutely fine … No symptoms yet, but I have found myself isolated at home .. Pray whenever and when my test comes. ” Report @ sharadmalhotra009 to recover soon. Get well soon bro. “

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