Actress Raj Sri is going to get married with her on-screen brother Gaurav Mukesh

2020 brought happiness to many people’s home. When a small child was born to someone’s house, some were tied in seven rounds. Actress Raj Sri Rani is going to get married. She is going to tie the knot with her co-star Gaurav Mukesh on November 30. Both Actress Raj Shree and Mukesh played the role of brother and sister in the serial “Suhani Si Ek Girl”. Raj from the Times of India news portal spoke about his relationship with Gaurav.

He told me that Gaurav and I were very good friends many times. We faced a lot of ups and downs and always stood for each other. There was no angel of love among us. When Gaurav proposed to me, I was a surprise myself. I said yes. Gaurav and I informed the parents. When we went through many emotions in lockdown, we realized that we should give stability. Marrying your best friend is an amazing feeling. I did not think that all this would happen in my life. I am very excited to meet Gaurav’s

family.Both are busy with their wedding shopping. Rajshri recently bought her lehenga from Delhi. He will marry her in Gwalior. He also told that on the day of his wedding, Gaurav’s cousion is also married. She will also be in Gwalior. Rajshree Rani has liked one thing about Gaurav’s family, that is her joint family. There are 44 members in Gaurav’s family, Raj Raj Rani is quite excited to meet him.Due to the current situation we have a limited guest list. The wedding and reception will take place on the same day. “

Rajshree has told this bill that he has not yet planned to go on honeymoon, he will think about it in next year.