After all, why is actress Rubina Dilaik auctioning her stylish gown? Is Rubina in dire need of money or is there some compulsion? Rubina Dilaik, who had won the title of Bigg Boss 14, was seen in a stylish and beautiful gown at that time. Rubina Dilaik was looking very beautiful in this cream-colored gown.

Now Rubina is selling her favorite gown. Rubina, who plays the role of a transgender in shakti shows, is often seen standing in the interest of a community. Now Rubina has taken a decision in her interest. Actually, Rubina will auction the gown worn in the Bigg Boss 14 finale and will give the money that comes from it to help the LGBTQIA community. While talking to Support Boy about this decision, Rubina shared a lot.

Rubina told me that the day I named the trophy of the show, it came to my mind that I should auction my gown. By the way, not only the finale but the gown in which I entered the show on the first day. I will auction him too. I will be adding money to NGOs and charities that will help the LGBTQIA community progress. So when I held the Bigg Boss trophy in my hand, this idea came to my mind. I don’t know how, but it happened


Regarding this, Rubina further says that it is the month of Pride and we have to raise our voice for the rights of the LGBTQIA community. Now that I play the character of transgender in my show, I understand more about the transgender community. We still look at them in a strange way that has to stop now. We all need to be aware.

Let us tell you that Rubina had left the SHAKTI show. But after Bigg Boss, he has again entered the SHAKTI show a few days back. After Well Big Boss, Rubina’s two songs were released. Which got a very good response.

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