Recently Haryanvi singer-dancer and actress Sapna Chaudhary has given Birth to a boy. Sapna is married to Haryanvi singer Veer Sahu, who gave the good news a few hours ago via Facebook Live. During the conversation, Veer said that he is now a father and has given birth to a son in his house.

But some people have not seen the happiness of these cute couples, due to which people have started trolling them.Some people started misleading Sapna, which was answered by her husband Veer Sahu.

Husband Veer Sahu came out in support of his wife and gave a strong response to all those who are pointing fingers at Sapna’s character. In the Facebook Live video, he confirmed that a son was born to his house. He also told that he and Sapna got married on New Year under those circumstances because his uncle had died due to cancer.

He also stated that he is speaking as a family man, someone’s husband, and does not believe in making his personal life public.

Sapna’s husband also said that he does not want publicity nor is he demanding TRP nor want to be in the headlines. He requested everyone to allow him to lead a normal life. He also expressed his anger at a certain class of people, who are raising their voices against him, and questioned where they were when their family was in trouble.

Sapna she became famous through the song ‘Teri Aankhen Ka Yo Kajal’, and has done many music videos such as ‘Desi Desi Na Bolya Kar Chori Ai’. He was also seen in Colors’ popular show Bigg Boss 11.