Actress Sheetal Pandya of popular show Udaan is going to get married soon. She is going to marry her childhood friend Abhishek Bhattacharya. She is about to get married in an unbreakable bond. Sheetal Pandia while talking to the support boy said
Yes, I am going to marry Dr. Abhishek Bhattacharya on 20th November. We both know each other from our school days. He is based in Leicester UK. He could not come to India due to Pandemic, so we got the engagement done through video calling. And the wedding will be a private one, where only the family members will stay.

Since he is a doctor, he will follow the rules. We are going to use masks. We will be married at the poolside location in Westin Garden City. There will be a very simple wedding, but as soon as everything is normal, we will have a grand celebration for all loved ones.

Talking about his and Abhishek’s future plans, Sheetal said that our marriage is a love marriage. We used to talk very little in school days. He has always been a topper and I have always been busy with cultural activities. After a few years of school Abhishek saw me on TV, after that he pinged me on fb and we became friends. I used to talk to her after my shoot whodunnels were packed. And now I am more connected to him. We have many common things between us.


He is also a good writer. I first thought that he is very strange but not, he is very reverse of this, the only thing I do not like is that he is playing his digital games. And the rest of my career is the matter, so he is very supportive. I will not be in India after marriage, but I will continue to entertain my loved ones and snare through videos, digital films through online content.