Recently Raqesh Bapat, a wild card contestant in Bigg Boss has taken the exit. There have been reports that Raqesh has been put out of the house for a few days due to his pain due to kidney stones. Now, just a few days after Raqesh left the house, now the news of Shamita Shetty’s departure from the show has stirred up social media.

The news of Shamita Shetty’s exit from the show is going viral on many fan pages of Bigg Boss. The reason is not elimination but Shamita’s health is being told. Shamita is brought out of the house for treatment on Medical Brown. If reports are to be believed, Shamita can return to the show after getting treated on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, till now no official information has been revealed on this news.

In such a situation, the question also arises whether, after Raqesh’s departure, Shamita fell ill in his sorrow. Or some other game or some planning is going on. The questions are also that what is Shamita’s illness and will she really return home after recovering. After this news came to the fore, the fans are upset that due to which health issue Shamita suddenly got out of the show. Because till now there is no indication about Shamita that her health is really bad in the show.

In such a situation, the way Shamita was thrown out after Raqesh’s departure, now these questions are also there, has Shamita come out to see Rakesh on the pretext of illness. Is it not that Raqesh and Shamita are secretly preparing for something else or marriage etc. Well, this question is also because everyone has seen how close Shamita and Raqesh have come close to each other in Bigg Boss.

Both have emerged as the new couple of the industry. After Bigg Boss OTT

many times they were spotted together after the show. Even the families of both have started liking each other a lot. And has also been a spot for the show continuously. Before Rakesh’s entry in Bigg Boss 15, only such a day used to go, Jan Shamita did not remember Raqesh. The family members were also often seen teasing Shamita for marriage.

Seeing the relationship of both, it was clear that both cannot live without each other now. This thing became evident even when Shamita was completely broken after being evicted from Raqesh’s house. At the same time, the way the news of Shamita’s exit is coming out suddenly, this question is also being raised whether Shamita has thought of coming out to see Raqesh.

By the way, talking about Raqesh, recently his sister Sheetal Bapat informed that Raqesh is better than before and is under the supervision of doctors. Sheetal tweeted and wrote: – Health is always the first priority. According to the updates we are getting from Raqesh’s team, they are better now. She is fine now with all your love and support.

Well, while Raqesh’s health is improving, now Shamita has also come out of the house for a few days. However, now the thing to be seen is how long this new couple of TV will return to the show. And with their return, are these two thinking of not doing any such explosion that will surprise everyone.

Well, what do you think is Shamita really sick or is it really Rakesh’s love that has drawn her to her? What is your opinion, tell us in the comment section.