Some celebrities often come forward to help the needy. Whether it is a common man or a celebrity. If anyone is in any trouble, then some famous stars of Bollywood definitely come forward with their help. And they do as much as possible for them. One of them is Salman Khan. Salman Khan is called the Messiah. Who often come forward to help the poor or the needy. But now after Salman Khan, these actors have come as the Messiah in Rakhi’s life.

Rakhi Sawant is a face who is famous for entertaining everyone with her presence to make everyone laugh. But today there are tears on that face. Rakhi Sawant is considered a very big entertainer. But he himself has seen a lot of stress and many problems in his life. She entertains everyone with her antics. But there are big problems in his life.

Recently he told me about his mother. And then while sharing his mother’s picture, he asked everyone to pray for him. Because his mother is in the hospital and is fighting a disease like cancer. He left the show with 14 lakhs in Bigg Boss

too. And on asking, he said that the money is for his mother’s treatment. Cookies are nothing more to them than their mother.

In such a situation, Salman Khan helped Rakhi. A few days ago Rakhi shared a video where her mother thanked Salman Khan for the monetary help. Rakhi also said that Salman is always in touch with the doctor. They keep coming to the doctor about the mother’s condition. Also, Salman Khan’s brother Sohil Khan has also come forward to help Rakhi’s mother. Sohil Khan has said that my dear rakhi, if you need anything, please call me directly. I have never met your mother but I know you. The stronger you are, if you are their daughter then the stronger she will be.