After Sana Khan, this popular actor left the showbiz industry. This post has shared this news. Well, what has this actor said, let us know? Reality TV show Constant Saqib Khan recently shared a post where he spoke about leaving showbiz. He has shared a long massage in which he said that

They had gone astray and they were going against the principles of their religion. He also shared some photos on his Instagram. He has written with this that he will not do the modeling or acting in the future. In his post, Saqib wrote Aslamalikum brother and sister. I hope you are all well. Today my post is for a special announcement that I am leaving showbiz. That is why I will not do any modeling or acting in the future. It is not that I did not have work or I gave up. I had good projects in line. It was not Alha’s wish.


Alhaaa must have thought of something better and better for me. Insaalhaa | He further explained how he has seen that people struggle in Mumbai. For own survival. But he saw in a year how he has achieved so much great fan following and fame. He wrote that he used to offer Namaz. But he found that his peace and lack of accountability to Allah had decreased. He will now follow the path shown by Allah in a complete manner.

Before you tell me, Sana Khan suddenly shared a post on social media and said that she is leaving the showbiz industry. What do you want to say about this news? Comment on box.

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