Akansha Puri has got her companions. Mika Singh is dating Well what is the whole news, let us know. The biggest disclosure about the relationship status of Akansha Puri. Akansha is dating popular singer Micah Singh. Where Akansha Puri revealed on social media. Share a video with Micah Singh. In which both are sitting at the gurudwara. And in this video, he has written feeling blessed.

In this video, the family of both are also seen. In this video, religious incarnations of Mika Singh and Akansha Puri are seen. If we talk about the hastag of this video, then they are like this. @mikasingh #yearsoftogetherness #togetherforlife #mikasingh #akanshapuri #feelingblessed | Looking at this video, if you feel that it is the promotion of a song, then it is not so at all. If you believe in tellymasala, there is nothing like that. There are no other promotional posts. Because Akansha has fully confirmed this fact.

It is his hashtag that is related to the together for life. In this post of Akansha, where fans are sending massages of congratulations, then the same people are commenting on the same ex-boyfriend Paras Chabra. The breakup of Akansha Puri and Paras Chhabra was very much discussed.

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