Ali and Jashmeen’s anger erupted over Rubina Dilaik. Rubina said something big for Jasmin. And Ali gave his answer breaking his mouth. After all, what did Rubina Diliak say on which Ali Jasmin is so caught up? Let us know.

Rubina Dilaik arrived at Rahul Mahajan’s party with Abhinav Shukla. Where the rest of bb 14 contestants were also involved. Where something happened at the party after which Ali and Jasmin turned red with anger. Actually, during the party, Rubina said who will go to Jasmin’s house. Ali and Jasmin did not like the same thing. At first, Ali tweeted on social media that Jasmin is my home. But still, we will go to Jasmin’s house.

Well after this, Jasmin also gave a reply to Rubina Dilaik by tweeting not one or two. He tweeted and said “I know that all my fans love me madly and every day of mine is filled with happiness and positivity, my big boss journey is over and it was incredible because of your love. Now I want you all to let go of all the negativity and ignore and avoid what does not spread happiness “.

With this, Jasmin wrote another tweet, writing that let go mean that you guys stopped caring. Till we considered let go, we forgive the situation. Till the situation is not over, we cannot move forward. And moving forward and flying high is what we need to do, guys hoping to give up what weighs us down and fly |

Fans are very much liking the way Vel Jashmin tweeted. And because of this, the fans are trending “we will go to Jashmin’s house”. Over two lakhs have been tweeted within a few hours. Well, now it is to see what reaction Rubina Dilliak has on this and how she cleanses this matter. It would be very interesting to see. Well, let me tell you that Jasmin is the one who is roaming in the Valley of Jammu with Ali these days. It is to see that when Jasmin comes home, does she give a grand party to the contestants of bb 14. These are going to be very interesting to watch.

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