Amandeep Sidhu :- Naagin 6 Popular Show Why are Fans Angry About Amandeep Sidhu’s Look ?

Amandeep Sidhu Naagin 6 will see the entry of actress Amandeep Sidhu who will play the role of Pratha’s daughter Anmol in the show. In the upcoming episode of Naagin 6, Amandeep Sidhu’s entry is going to be seen in the show. But even before Amandeep takes entry into Naagin 6, people are getting angry after seeing the new Naagin. People are expressing their displeasure on social media fan pages. And this is the anger and resentment over Amandeep’s Naagin look.

In fact, in the upcoming promo of the show, the look of Amandeep has been revealed, it seems to be identical to Pratha’s look of Sheshnaagin. Seeing which people are not happy at all. People expected that after the leap, they would finally see a new look in the new Naagin. Fans are expressing their displeasure on social media after getting the character of Amandeep from Pratha’s look. You can also see these comments:-

A user writes that better than this, we are middle-class people, whenever we take new clothes to go. Another user wrote:- Naya look was not given. So another user writes: – Ye hain high budget, put Pratha’s clothes on her.

Well, Amandeep’s entry in Naagin 6 has not even happened yet, so much ruckus on the look of the actress is quite surprising. Let us tell you that the look of Pratha’s second daughter Prarthna has also come to the fore, which looks quite different from the practice. People expect that Amandeep’s Naagin look may not be right, but something new and best will definitely be seen in Prarthana’s look. Although till now, Amandeep Sidhu himself has not come out and said anything about his character. It will be interesting how people will react after Amandeep’s entry.

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