After posting many posts on Sushant Singh Rajput, now Ankita did an emotional post for her boyfriend Vicky. Said I am the luckiest girl in the world. What is the full news, let us tell you. Ankita Lokhande shared many videos remembering SSR on his first death date. The next day, She has written an emotional post for her boyfriend Vicky Jain.

In this post, Ankita told what Vicky means to her. she has shared a candid picture of herself and Vicky through her Instagram account. In the caption accompanying this picture, Ankita wrote -:

Dear Vicky, you were with me when I was in difficult times. You have always been the first person who asks me how I am, do you need anything? Do I have to go out somewhere so that I can clear my mind? I want to say thank you Because you are the best boyfriend in the world. your thank you To treat me like a queen always. To make time for me Then no matter what Even if you are busy To make good bond with my family. And to spend time with my friends. We both have seen ups and downs together. You promised me that one day everything would be alright. You always kept your promise. and stand by me Therefore I will always be grateful to you.


This was quite challenging for me. And I know that you will always stand by me. I don’t know what I would do without you I’m starting to love you even more I will never find love or happiness again. Seeing that my heart is broken. And in the last few years I have gone through a lot of difficulties. Then one day I met you. you made me believe We both fell in love

Thank you to come into my life And to make you the luckiest girl in the world. Not everyone can handle this situation like you did. Thanks for everything Let us tell you that after the breakup with Sushant, Ankita is dating Vicky Jain for the last 3 years. Both often share loving posts for each other.

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