Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak has allegedly committed suicide at her residence in Dahisar. The 40-year-old actress committed suicide on 2 August. A day before her death, Anupama went live on Facebook (unverified account) where she spoke of feeling cheated and not trusting anyone.

“Anupama said in her August 1 Facebook Live video in Hindi.

Be the person everyone can trust. Never trust anyone. I have learned this in my life. People are very selfish and don’t care about others,” she added to the video.


According to reports, a suicide note has been recovered, where the actress has written about investing Rs 10,000 in a company called Wisdom Producer Company in Malad and not withdrawing it even after the maturity date in December 2019. Unconfirmed reports also state that he was allegedly named by a man named Manish Jha, who took a two-wheeler to his hometown during the lockdown and never returned it.