Anusha Dandekar Taunts Karan Kundra For Keeping An Eye

Anusha Dandekar taunts Tejran couple again? Is Karan still worried about Anusha Dandekar? Anusha Dandekar keeps telling her fans about her life with her bold avatar and glamor pictures. But recently Anusha posted on her Insta story which proves that Anusha’s boyfriend Karan Kundra is taunting her and her fans.

Anusha wrote on the story :- hey instagram just side post. I can date a surface. I can romance many times. I can be committed. I can get married, I can also take out divorce. I can remain single or I can be celibate whenever I want. Thank you for thinking that you have the right to make a decision or opinion on my life. But your own love life is so boring that you constantly take so much interest in my life. Even when you see other couples. Still you creep into my timeline asking who I am doing what with.

Let us tell you that earlier also Anusha has been seen posting many times which would have been quite viral in social media and it would have been speculated that the posts are for Karan Kundra. Anusha and Karan dated each other for many years but their breakup was quite fair. well what do you say about this news. please tell us in the comment box

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