After showing their strong chemistry in Naagin 5, actress Sharad Malhotra and Surbhi Chandna have once again succeeded in spreading their magic. Actually Surbhi and Sharad’s new music video Bepanha Ishq has been released. Which is part 2 of his super hit music video Bepanah Pyaar. The music video released on the Viral Original Youtube channel has once again won the hearts of the public. This time the song has created a ruckus because of 3 special reasons.

  1. Sharad and Surbhi Chandna’s romantic chemistry was seen in Naagin 5. Due to their chemistry, they became the favorite pair among the popular TV pair. This chemistry has been brought once again in the unexplained Bepanah Ishq video. After a long time, seeing the romantic chemistry of both of them. The fans will once again fall in love with both of them. Veer and Bani will be remembered once again after watching this music video.

2 . The other special thing about this music video of Sharad and Surbhi is that along with the music video. You will feel serious. That too in a filmy style. In its first part, a criminal and a love story were shown. Whose love story has been seen in the second part. Seeing this second part, you will get lost in the love of their love story. One special thing is that along with the part of his music, his music lyrics are also different than before. Which is giving it a different feel.

  • The same singers Payal Dev and Yasin Desai have made this video strong with their voices. The special thing about this music video of Sharad and Surbhi is that it has been made in many parts while making it in a film style. In the second parts of this album of Bepannaah, where Sharad and Surbhi showed a lot of love in Bepanah Ishq. Finally a hint of its third part was also given. In which the story of a criminal and love will be seen. But in a new way.

Well overall, this time to Sharad and Surbhi have done wonders with their performances and chemistry, and great music. This time also this music video is going to break many records.

Well if you have also seen this music video, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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