Ekta Kapoor’s show “Bhagya Laxmi” audience is waiting for a long time. Finally, the Reveal date of this show has also been put On air. Well as you know that this time Ekta has made a new pair. TV actress Aishwarya Khare and Rohit Suchanti are going to appear in the main lead of this show.

This show will be telecast on Zee TV on 3rd August with a new story and star cast. Not only this, but the show is also going to replace a big show on Zee TV. The news has come out that this new show of Ekta will replace the “BHAGYA LAXMI” “TUJHSE HAIN RAABTA” show. It will be telecasted on Timeslot at 8:30 pm.

Well, while there are expectations from Bhagya Laxmi. There is also a lot of expectation of Ekta herself also associated with this show. Ekta does not want to leave any stone unturned for her show, seeing the way Ekta’s past few shows have happened. That’s why Ekta has worked with great thought on her star cast and her story.


Naagin 4 and season 5 and after that the way Naagin’s Off Air show Kuch Toh Hain Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein happened. After that, The stars of Ekta were seen going in the thunder. But now the way Bhagya Laxmi show is a show related to luck. There is a lot of hope for Ekta to shine her stars from her.

Before the release of Well Show, all the promos have come out so far. Which got a very good response. This show has created quite a buzz for since long. There is also a lot of excitement about the show among the people. However, Now it is to be seen when this show will be onair on the night of 3rd August. Will it really be able to live up to the expectations of unity and the public?

Well do share what do you think about this show.

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