Big Boss 15 Rakhi Sawant Husband Ritesh First Marriage Pictures Got Leaked. Big cheating happened with Rakhi Sawant

. Ritesh turned out to be already married. Riteish’s picture with his wife surfaced. Well, what is the whole news, let us know through the blog.

Rakhi made a wild card entry in Bigg Boss 15. And not only this, but her husband Ritesh also appeared for what everyone was waiting for. The world has known who is Ritesh. How did Rakhi meet Ritesh? Ritesh also told everyone in the house how their conversation started with Rakhi by licking it on WhatsApp. And in what condition did both of them get married? And now the big truth of Ritesh has come to the fore.

According to Bigg Boss news, Ritesh is already married. Bigg Boss Khabri has posted pictures of his wedding where he is seen with a woman and a child. Not only this, the pictures of their marriage are also becoming quite viral. Fans are also shocked to see these pictures. And he is expressing anger by commenting on Bigg Boss Khabri’s post.

Let’s take a look at fans’ comments.

You know that in the last Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi, being emotional with Rahul Vaidya, told that Ritesh is married. And there are children as well. And Rakhi came to know about this after her marriage. Last Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman did a prank with Riteish where Raveena called Riteish and said that she is his first wife. Then Rakhi became very upset. Well now, these pictures are real or some kind of photoshop. This thing will definitely be revealed in the weekend warrior.

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