Himanshi Khurana raised questions on actor Salman Khan. Serious allegations leveled against Salman Well why did Himanshi do this and what is the full news, let’s know.

In Bigg Boss 15 weekend ka vaar, many family members took classes. Along with Karan Kundra, Salman Khan also took out anger on Umar Riaz. Salman Khan scolded Umar Riaz for his language and anger. Not only this, Salman even compared him with Asim. Now on this matter, Himanshi Khurana has expressed her anger towards the host on the comparison of the two brothers made by Salman.

Although Himanshi did not write Salman Khan’s name on his tweet, but it was clear that he is upset with this. Expressing her anger, Himanshi wrote – These are wrong….. a man has finished his work and Bigg Boss 13 is over now. Himanshi Khurana further wrote – Now stop dragging his name. Earlier this was Asim Heman. #weloveasimriaz


Himanshi further targeted Salman and said – It seems that efforts are being made to create a fight between 2 brothers. It is clear from this tweet of Himanshi that she is very upset with the behavior of Salman Khan. After this tweet by Himanshi Khurana, users are also divided into 2 parts. While some people gave their support to Asim Riaz, on the other hand some people are constantly seen supporting Salman Khan and saying that Salman has only explained to Umar.

Well, how true did you find this statement of Himanshi, you will definitely tell us in the comment section.

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