The popular show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain has been one of the most watched shows. The show was in the news recently as Soumya Tandon, who played Anita in the popular show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, left the show and people were eagerly waiting to see who would be the new Anita Bhabhi in the show. Earlier, it was reported that Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Jariwala could replace Soumya in the show.

However, Shefali Jariwala had previously spoken to Spotboye about this. He said, “That’s not true at all. I don’t know how my name got in the picture when there was no discussion. As per Spotboy’s report, Bhabiji is at home about another former contestant of Bigg Boss entering. We are talking about Neha Pendse

. Reports say that the show’s producer, Benafer Kohli, is keen to have Neha as the new blonde meme, as Neha has been the main lead earlier and The character is suitable. Reports also say that the makers approached Neha with the same, but the actress is still not informed about it.

Bigg Boss 12 fame Nehha Pendse to REPLACE Saumya Tandon