Actors Charu Asopa and Rajiv Sen celebrated their first wedding anniversary at home and made their fens a part of this happiness. They have completed one year of their marriage in June this year, but due to the corona epidemic, they could not celebrate their anniversary outside. Keeping in mind the safety, both these Couples celebrated at home. Charu and Rajiv shared beautiful pictures on their Instagram from the celebration of their first anniversary and it was an intimate one.

The couple wore the same white dress they wore during their engagement party in Goa. Charu in a white gown and Rajiv in his white suit looked soaked in love. In the photo you can see how these coupes have beautifully decorated the house with balloons as well as candles, and other decorative items.

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Rajeev wrote, “We celebrated our first wedding anniversary and all you beautiful people are invited to be a part of this celebration.”
In a video shared by Charu, Rajiv lifts his white veil and then the couple close their eyes and hold each other’s hands.