Big news related to Colors TV’s popular show Choti Sarrdarni has come out. Actor Avinesh Rekhi, who played the role of Sarab in the show, is leaving the show. Not only this but there are reports that the makers are also finishing the track of SARAB and Meher from this show. That is, you will not get to see Meher and SARAB in the future. And all this is happening because of the long leap of 20 years in the story of the show.

Actually, news has come out that after a long leap of 20 years in the show, Kaur, who played the character of Maihar in the show, will be seen playing the big character of her on-screen daughter SEHAR in the show. In such a situation, Maihar’s character will be eliminated. So the same news is also coming to the fore that after having an on-screen romance with Maihar, Avinesh is not feeling comfortable playing the same-looking Sahar i.e. Nirman’s father. And so he has decided to leave the show.

There have also been reports that along with Avinesh, actress Anita Raj, who plays Kulwant, is also leaving the show. Because along with the leap, his character will also look aged. It is clear from this that the characters of Meher and Sarab will be eliminated. And a new chapter of the show will also start. As far as Kulwant’s character is concerned, she has become Meher’s mother in the serial. Although the makers are working on his character right now. How Anita will say goodbye to the serial, has not been decided yet.


According to the information received from sources by E Times, this leap in the story of the show will come to the end. Producers Rajesh Ram Singh and Pradeep Kumar are busy making the storyline more exciting. Vibha Chivvar’s entry is also going to happen in the show. Who will be seen in the role of a strong politician? It is said that there will be a new villain in the role of Vibha Chivar. Along with this, a new lead character is being searched in the show in place of Avinesh. This main lead will be cast opposite the character of “Sahar”. Which will be played by Nairn Kaur. Simultaneously, Sahajada Dhami will play the role of Param Singh in the show. After the ultimate 20 year leap, now he will grow up. And he will be seen playing the character of Sahajada Dhami.

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