Despite being a victim of covid 19, Rupali celebrated her son and husband in this way. Son and husband gave a special surprise. Actress shared emotional moment Anupama fame Rupali Ganguly quarantined herself home after being covid positive. And made his birthday special by his son and husband. Celebrate Rupali’s birthday by cutting cake outside the gate of his building. Rupali is currently distraught with her family. The actress wants to hug her son. Well, what did Rupali say? Let us know.

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Rupali has shared the video of her birthday celebrations on her social media. In which his son and husband as well as his brother are seen. Calling all of them thank you, Rupali wrote in the caption when your family decides to make your quarantine birthday special. Thank you, @vijay Ganguly, @ Ashwini Varma for cutting my birthday cake. Come show us this special birthday celebration video by Rupali.

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