Popular Dheeraj Dhoopar To Re-Enter In The Show After 20 Year Leap :- Kundali Bhagya

Is Dheeraj Dhoopar’s entry going to happen once again? While Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya is garnering a lot of limelight due to its new track, on the other hand, Shakti Arora‘s Exit’ has created quite a stir among the show’s fans. On one hand, the public is very disappointed and upset about the news of the exit of the show and is constantly demanding from the makers to keep them in the show. So in the meantime, a different happy atmosphere is being seen among the fans due to Dheeraj’s name being added to the show again.

Now 2 such news have come out on the new track of the show, due to which the craze about the show is increasing in the public to the next level. Now what are these 2 big news, let’s know through Gossipchachi :-

1st News :- Dheeraj Dhupar can come back again.

Dheeraj Dhoopar won the hearts of people by playing the character of Karan in the show Kundali Bhagya. However, after a leap of a few years in this show, Karan said goodbye to the show and signed new shows Sherdil Shergill and Jhalak Dikhlaja. After this, Shakti took the show forward by becoming Arjun in the show. But now news is coming out that Dheeraj can once again join the show. It is being said that Dheeraj will enter the show after the leap. But not in the character of Karan but in the style of a new character.

This news is also being told with this claim because Dheeraj’s ongoing show Sherdil Shergill show is going to be off-going soon. In such a situation, there are reports that after this closure of the show, Dheeraj Dhupar will definitely enter the Kundali Bhagya show.

2nd News :- This is how Shraddha Dheeraj’s pair will look after the leap.

There were reports that along with the 20-year generation leap in the show, Shraddha will play the role of mother. And will say goodbye to Shakti Show. But now the latest news is that both Preeta and Karan will die in the show. And the new track will start around both the girls of Karan and Preeta. Shraddha will be seen in the role of Preeta’s daughter Kaavya post the leap. The news did not stop here, but it is also being said that the new lead actor of the show can be Dheeraj Dhoopar. And thus the new track of the show will be seen around Kavya and the new Dheeraj Ke Kidar. And also new story will appear.

Before the entry of Vel Shakti, the pair of Dheeraj and Shraddha ruled the show for years. And also created a lot of noise in the list of TRP. However, now it has to be seen that if the makers have planned a similar story, then on the new track, the public will shower the same love as it used to shower earlier.

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