Disha fulfills the demand of brother-in-law. Like Making tea for her special brother-in-law. Cute matragasti of sister-in-law.
Rahul and her wife turns romantic So what is the full news, let us tell you.

Disha has become Rahul Ki Dulhania. And on the first day after marriage, She was warmly welcomed in her in-laws’ house. And now his brother-in-law i.e. Rahul’s special friend has brought a request for Disha Bhabhi. That too of royal tea.


Disha is lovingly making tea for her brother-in-law in the kitchen. Let’s see Disha’s royal tea.

By watching this video, you can tell that Disha is full of all virtues. What would you like to say after seeing Disha’s royal tea? Do tell us by commenting.

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