Ekta Kapoor To Launch Naagin New Season Of Naagin 6. Is the new season of Naagin coming soon? Is Ekta all set for Naagin 6? A long time has passed since season 5 of Naagin went off the air. Since Naagin 5, people are waiting for the arrival of Naagin 6. Some time ago some such news came out that she is working very secretly with her team on the 6th season of this show.

Ekta does not want to repeat any such mistake this time so that Naagin 6 proves to be weak in any case. On the other hand, the time has come when Ekta’s show is bringing the next season of the show. If you see the history of the show series from Naagin 1 to 5, then you will know that this is the time when she starts the new season of this show.

That is, except for ‘Kuch to hai’, then every season of the show is started around this month. There has been a buzz among fans about Well season 6 for a long time. Everyone is very desperate for this season. In such a situation, along with time, Ekta has a big chance to announce shows.

At this time, there is such a craze about season 6 that on hearing the news of the show’s arrival, there is going to be a lot of stir among the people. In such a situation, Ekta

must be killed on the spot. Because this is the only show that can once again reveal her fate. For a long time, she has not seen the same charm in the industry as she used to get in her hit shows.

There was a time when the series of Naagin used to dominate the TRP. And the name of unity was everywhere. But seasons 4 and 5 disappointed the people a lot. But now she is thinking of Naagin 6. And everyone hopes that this season will bring the good fortune of unity. Let us tell you that some time ago there were reports that Ekta is going to give actress Niyati a chance to become a serpent in her show this time.

There are reports that Niyati is going to be the new season of the show this time. Although nothing has been revealed officially yet. What planning is going on in the heart of well Ekta regarding the new season, only she can tell. But it is certain that Ekta is going to be a big hit show.

Well, how excited are you about Naagin 6, definitely tell us in the comment box.

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