Why did you have to watch this popular X Bigg Boss contestant? Actresses in the industry have faced rejections many times. Actresses had to work hard to get work in the movie. In Bigg Boss 10, Lokesh Sharma of Delhi took a common entry. Lokesh Sharma won the heart of host Salman Khan with his entry in this show.

Lokesh Sharma surprised everyone with his transformation as soon as the show was over. Lokesh was engaged for years to make a place in the industry. And finally, he got a chance to act as a lead actress in films like Myakut. These days Lokesh Sharma is waiting for the release of his movie. Lokesh Sharma recently released the first look of this movie on his Instagram.

Which people also liked. Very few people know that Lokesh Sharma played a challenging role in the first film itself. In this film, Lokesh will play the role of a porn star. In the interview given by Sport Boy, Lokesh said that I had to do many bold scenes in the film and now I am very confident. Because I have done a lot of work on my body. I always wanted to do bold and challenging roles. I have also watched porn movies to understand the character.


I am doing a double role in this film. I also had to do a lot of work on my communication skills. There were many types of challenges in front of me. Because I had no connection with anyone in the industry. Many times I faced rejections. Rejected many times and many times I have rejected the project. Because I did not understand them. But I have taken every rejection positively and worked on myself.

Well, you have seen Lokesh working hard to take his place in the industry.

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