FIR filed against Virat Kohli owned One8 Commune restaurant In Bengaluru

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FIR filed against Virat Kohli owned One8 Commune restaurant In Bengaluru

Recently, the Bengaluru city police registered a case against the manager of One8 Commune, a well-known restaurant and pub backed by Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. The establishment, located on MG Road in central Bengaluru, was found operating beyond the permissible hours, serving customers until 1:30 am, exceeding the city’s regulation limit of 1 pm.

The Incident

The incident took place on July 6, when a police sub-inspector (PSI) on patrol duty received a tipoff about the restaurant operating past its allowed hours. Acting on this information, the PSI from the Cubbon Park police station visited One8 Commune around 1:20 am and discovered that the establishment was still open and serving customers. This led to the immediate filing of a non-cognisable report (NCR) by the PSI, documenting the violation of the city’s regulations.

Following the initial NCR, the police sought the Court’s permission to convert the report into a First Information Report (FIR). This step was crucial as an NCR typically involves minor offences and does not warrant immediate arrest or serious legal action. However, an FIR is more serious and allows the police to initiate a formal investigation and take necessary legal actions against the violators.

The Role of the Police Sub-Inspector

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The police sub-inspector (PSI) who identified the violation played a critical role in enforcing these regulations. Patrolling duty, especially during late hours, is essential to monitor and ensure compliance with the city’s rules. The PSI’s proactive approach in acting on the tipoff and visiting the establishment at the suspected hour was instrumental in documenting the violation and initiating the legal process.

Virat Kohli’s Association

One8 Commune is a high-profile establishment partly because of its association with Virat Kohli, a renowned Indian cricketer. Kohli’s involvement brings additional attention to the case, highlighting the importance of adhering to regulations regardless of the establishment’s ownership or prominence. While the case is primarily against the manager for operating beyond permissible hours, the association with a public figure adds a layer of public interest to the proceedings.

“We have booked around 3-4 pubs for running late till 1:30 am last night. We received complaints of loud music being played. Pubs were allowed to remain open only till 1 am and not beyond that,” said DCP Central.

One8 Commune, a restaurant chain backed by Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, has found itself in the spotlight for several controversies over the past year. These incidents have raised significant public and legal scrutiny over the establishment’s policies and practices.

Denial of Entry Incident

One of the major controversies involved a man from Tamil Nadu who was denied entry to the Mumbai branch of One8 Commune for wearing a “veshti” (a traditional South Indian garment similar to a dhoti). The incident came to light when the man shared a video on social media platform X, recounting his experience. He expressed feeling “disappointed” and “hurt” by the treatment he received, highlighting an issue of cultural insensitivity and discrimination.

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