Angered by this, the Aghori actor posted a heartfelt note on Instagram with photos of his late mother, in which he praised her strong personality for giving a tough fight to cancer. Gaurav also pointed to his mother’s myriad qualities and wrote, “Three years of the worst battle for cancer, three years of non-stop chemo: and she was elevating us! Always the brightest place of energy in the room.” Beauty always. ” No accent was needed for this. Everyone liked it. Looked like his fans. “

He went on to s ay, “She has inspired many people to do more and more as a spiritual development, as a teacher, as a principal, as a colleague, as a teacher.” I can go on about a million things. He introduced me to everything in life .. My power..My source .. Mother was the strongest .. She left us yesterday … In another world she gives everyone her own Will make a fan, I’m sure! Apa # Kanha. “

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My mommy strongest !! The first picture is from a year ago. Three years of cancer fighting of the worst kind ,three years of non stop chemo: and she was bucking us up ! Always the brightest spot of energy in the room . Always. The beauty that did not need any kind of accentuation. It stood out .loved by all. To the point of seeming like her fans. . . Inspired so a teacher, as a principal,as a colleague ,as a friend ,as a human being pursuing spiritual growth over everything else.. I can go on and on .about a million things..she introduced me to everything in life source.. #MeriMaa was the strongest.. She left us yesterday… In the other world she would be making everyone her fan ,I'm sure ! Aapka #kaanha

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