Himanshi reacted to his and Asim‘s marriage. What are the plans regarding trolls for marriage? Refusal of anger on trolls Himanshi Khurana and Aseem Riaz was in love during the reality show Bigg Boss 13. Fell in love with each other. Like every relationship, their relationship was filled with many ups and downs. But both did not leave each other.

Recently Himanshi talked about marriage with Aseem Riaz. They say that both do not want to take any decision in a hurry. Both of them have careers ahead. And marriage is a very big commitment. In an interview given to T TIMES, Himanshi said that Aseem has just started working all the way. Now is the time to pursue and grow his career. So neither of us is thinking of getting married.

Some of the same people also think that Himanshi is with Aseem because Aseem has both fame and money. Responding to Well in Haters, TIMES OF INDIA said, “I never took the troll people seriously.” But after Bigg Boss, people made a lot of comments regarding my personal life. Many things were spoken about me and Aseem. People do not know about the truth of our relationship. Those people do not know how much we support each other. Those people don’t know anything about my last breakup. Whenever a breakup happens the girl is blemished.


Those who troll feel that I am with Aseem for money and fame. So, I did not have money and fame before meeting Aseem. Further Himanshi said that I become SHOCKED when people pass judgments on our relation. How can those people do this? If I am a negative and a bad person, doesn’t Aseem know? He has accepted our relationship very confidently on national television. Which means he must have seen something in me.

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