Popular Actress Hina Khan shuts trolls down for trolling over her Mecca visit

Hina Khan reached for Umrah with mother and brother. The actress shared pictures of her religious journey. People got angry seeing Hina Khan covered in clothes from head to toe. Trolls are becoming fierce on social media. Hina Khan has reached Mecca to perform Umrah. Hina Khan herself has shown a glimpse of her religious journey by sharing some pictures and videos on social media.

At present, She is being trolled fiercely on social media. Now let us know what is the reason behind this trolling of Her. In these pictures, the actress was seen posing inside the mosque. On which people had told actress Hina Khan a lot of lies. These pictures of actress became very viral on social media. Alam happened that the actress had to turn off the comment section on her Instagram post. Now the actress has given a befitting reply to the haters with her second post.

Actress has clarified on her behalf after the fierce trolling on Instagram. The actress has now made a long note on her Instagram post and has kept her point. The actress commented and wrote, ‘I can’t believe this is happening..

well, let me tell you guys.. when I left home I decided to do three Umrahs in a day and a half, which is practical and practical. Wasn’t physically possible.. I guessed wrong, calculated wrong, also I didn’t realize to do Madina and then Makkah first to perform Umrah in the holy month of Ramzan.. I did exactly the opposite (no complaints though ) I really enjoyed my time and fasting in Madinah Shareef..but deep down I was not satisfied, and a bit sad that I had one Umrah left.’ You can see this post of Hina Khan here.

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