Singer Honey Singh’s wife shared a cryptic post with a big hint? A few days ago, some cryptic posts were given. What is the full news, let’s know.

Bollywood singer and rapper Honey Singh and his family have come into the limelight. Actually Singer’s wife Shalini Talwar has filed a petition accusing him of domestic violence. Along with this violence, Shalini has also made many serious allegations.

According to the report of Aaj Tak, Shalini has been accused of physical violence, sexual violence, and economic violence. In the petition, Shalini Talwar has also claimed that after marriage, Singer has also made physical relations with many women. He has said that during the shooting of the hit song ‘brown rang’, Honey Singh did s** with one of his female colleagues. When Honey Singh was questioned, he threw a bottle of liquor at him.

Let us tell you that Shalini is very less active on social media

. But in the recent past, he has made some cryptic posts. In which he has given the definition of cultured and bad-tempered daughter-in-law. However, it is not written anywhere in the post that Shalini is hinting at her personal life. But it was definitely hinted that something is not going well in their married life. On June 20, Shalini shared a post in which it was written that if someone is saying something, then do not tell him at once that you are lying. This shows the character of the finger lifting force.

Earlier, while sharing a post, Shalini had written that she was cultured till she endured and became rude when she spoke.

Well it has to be seen what will happen between their relation. Tell us your opinion on the comment box.

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