Kamya Punjabi Reacts To Cezanne Khan being Compared to Vivian. The new quarrel has been seen on social media about the ‘shakti Astitav Ke Ehsaas ki’ show. These fights are about bringing Cezanne Khan into the show as the new Harman. Fans are angry with the fact that instead of Vivian. Why has any other actor brought Makers in the form of Harman?

New VS is constantly getting comparisons about old Harman. In such a situation, seeing the rising of the ruckus on the new Harman in social media. She has jumped into this battle actress Kamya Punjabi of this show. Seeing the way in which people are taking CEZANNE as their target. Kamya has shared a long post with Vivian on composing them. And they have also described it as wrong.

Kamya sharing a fun photo with CEZANNE, wrote in the caption Harman Prieto’s same tip again. It is not right to compare both actresses. We also know how brilliant both of them are. How much amazing work has been done in the past? The decision to leave Vivian was not easy. We should respond to their DECISION.


You people should welcome those who are going to be a part of this journey. After doing this post of Kamya, where the consent of the people was seen. It is not perfect for the role of the CEZANNE Harman.

Let me tell you that CEZANNE confessed in an interview. That replicating Vivian in this show was not an easy decision for him. But he has full hope that people will definitely like him.

Let me tell you that CEZANNE is returning to the small screen after 12 years. In such a situation, the fans are looking very sad due to replacing Vivian in this show. The makers had earlier planned to bring Vivian to the show. But due to some reason, Vivian refused to work again.

after seeing the demand for the script, the makers decided to bring CEZANNE as the new Harman. Now it has to be seen. That people are able to give love to CEZZANE. As much as they gave to Vivian.

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