Comedian Kapil Sharma has increased the curiosity of fans on his tweet. Kapil Sharma has tweeted “good news”. He wrote on the tweet “What does the morning news say in English? Please tell. On the response to Kapil’s tweet, famous writer Chetan Bhagat wrote” What do congratulation say in Hindi? Congratulations very much. However, Kapil has not made it clear on social media what good news he is talking about.

But the fans have started giving hints. A fan wrote that he is not going to announce the other baby. Another fan wrote “good news” Baby girl is this time or baby boy. Another big fan wrote that Anira is going to become elder sister.


Let me tell you that Kapil Sharma became Anira’s father in 2018. After this, in November 2020, there was news that Kapil Sharma’s wife Guinea is again pregnant again. And she is going to give birth to her second child in january 2021.

However, Kapil Sharma did not react to this news. By the way, no fans have started looking around for this twit of Kapil by connecting with professional life and connecting with professional life. A fan asked Kapil that are you annoucment any of your web series? |

Let us tell you that Kapil Sharma is also doing a degital debue this year from the web series “daadi ki shaadi”. These webseries may be released in June 2021. Kapil Sharma is busy with this shoot after taking a break from his comedy show. It remains to be seen whether Kapil is talking about good news.

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