On Tuesday, comedian Kapil Sharma has shared an incident on his Twitter account which is linked to cricketer Suresh Naina. Kapil Sharma expressed outrage over the unfortunate incident with Indian cricketer Suresh Raina and his family.
Kapil Sharma is in complete shock after learning about this cruel tragedy that hurt Suresh Raina’s family. The comedian requested the Punjab Police to look into the matter and take action against the culprits. He wrote on Twitter, “Very sad to hear about Sad Paji. My condolences to the family. Dear Sir @DGPPunjabPolice. Pls notice this. The culprits should be punished.”

The cricketer tweeted: “Punjab was terrible for what happened to my family. My uncle was strangled to death, my aunt and both my cousins ​​suffered serious injuries. Unfortunately my cousin also had a life last night.” Died last night after battling with. My aunt is still very critical|


In another tweet, Raina said, “To this day we don’t know what happened that night and who did it. I request @PunjabPoliceInd to look into the matter. We at least deserve to know. Who did this heinous act with them. ” Criminals should not be spared for committing more crimes.