Karan breaks the silence on breakup with Anusha. A big deal on the allegations made on his behalf. Told him why this was silent till now. This was said on Anusha’s move on. After all, that Karan said, let us tell you today. Actor Karan Kundra has been in a lot of discussion about his breakup with Anusha Dandekar for the last year. Recently Anusha talked about her breakup on Instagram chat and revealed how Karan Kundra has cheated on her. And I did not even apologize. Now Karan has reacted to this issue. |

In an interview given to Times of India, Karan said, “I have remained silent and silent for the sake of respect of our relationship till now. At this time I am thinking about the family of both of us, otherwise, I will also be furious I can say a lot of things, but I am not like this. In this interview, Karan further told me that he is currently single. Everyone from his family to his friends has asked him to move on. But in any relationship at the moment Don’t want to fall. Karan is saddened by Anusha Dandekar’s allegations. Anusha accused Karan of cheating. Karan said: –


“If I meant for her, she wouldn’t do it. Anger is also an expression of love. When I see that my image is getting spoiled and I felt that I should also tell my side story and I felt angry I will never love anywhere. I hope that one day all this anger will end and we will not hurt anyone. Then we will talk about it. I have not said anything so far, it does not mean That has not affected me. Although Anusha may have progressed in life, I have not increased.

Currently, Karan is moving forward in his life and career. They want to focus on their work. Karan is appearing in Star Plus’ popular show “Ye Rishta kya Kehlata hai”. He is seen in the role of an ex-boyfriend of Sairat. Whose audience is very much liked?

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