Why Popular Actress Karishma Ka Karishma Fame Jhanak Shukla Was Quit Acting ?

Do you remember the TV serial “Karishma ka Karishma”? The same show in which the cute looking little robot girl made the audience crazy just because of her cuteness. Years ago, playing the character of “Karishma ka Karishma”, this child artist Jhanak Shukla who won everyone’s heart was Jhanak Shukla, whom you must have seen in many films.

Today she is 26 years old. Now she is going to get married. A few days back Jhanak got engaged to her boyfriend. Because of which she remained in the limelight a lot. But why did Jhanak disappear from the world of acting, his fans want to know. Recently Jhanak told in an interview given to Times Of India that why did he say goodbye to the field of acting?

Jhalak said that I did not leave acting intentionally. It happened automatically. I was a child artist, but there came a point in my life when my parents told me that I should focus on my studies along with acting. Must do post graduation. But he left the decision to me. I completed my studies diligently and by the time I completed my post graduation, I lost my interest in acting. Means I lost interest in acting.

Jhanak further tells that I wanted to study further, so I studied in Acarology. I did my last MBA during the lockdown. And now I decided that I will go to Ireland, that too for my MBA Master degree. I will make my career in marketing. I am leaving in the last week of January. However, if I get a good character offer in a web show in the future, I will think of doing it.

I don’t want to limit myself to doing only a few things. I want to do many things in different fields. It’s just that I don’t want to be a full time actor. For the last few days, Jhanak was in the limelight for her personal life. She is engaged to boyfriend Swapnil suryavanshi. He is an engineer by profession and both of them are going to tie the knot next year. Jhanak said that we will get married in the year 2024. I am going to Ireland for further studies. In which I will take one year. That’s why I got engaged before going there.

Well Jhanak has already said that if she gets a chance, she will definitely come into acting. Well, only time will tell that by when she will come. What would you like to say about this report, do tell us in the comment section.

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