Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been in the media headlines due to wrong reasons. Raj was accused of doing pornography business. Due to this, the Mumbai Police have also arrested him. Let us tell you that apart from making soft porn videos on Raj, the app has also been accused of uploading them.

But now after this news people want to know how big a businessman is Raj Kundra. And after all, what did he do before making allegations of pornographic films? So let us tell you the complete story of Raj Kundra. Raj Kundra is a well-known name of the country in the world. Although people in India know him as the husband of actress Shilpa Shetty more than businessman. Whereas in many cities of the world, his image is that of a successful businessman.

He is such a businessman who has achieved this position on his own. Born in a middle-class family, Raj Kundra was brought up by his parents with many difficulties. He explained the value of money from childhood. And when he turned 18, Raj first went to Dubai with some money in his pocket. Meet diamond traders But it didn’t work. Then from there, Raj went to Nepal. Bought some pashmina shawls And started selling them through some branded stores in the UK.

The sooner this business grew, the sooner the competition started on it. After this, Raj again went to Dubai to do diamond business. From then till today he never looked back. Raj Kundra was ranked 198 in the list of the largest and richest Asia British by a British magazine in the year 2004. Let us tell you that Raj Heading owns or holds a stake in about 10 companies like Construction, Real State, Steel, Shares, Media, Sport.

Earn more than 100 crores every month. His total assets are more than $ 420 million i.e. more than 2700 crores. Today he can compete with the biggest actor of Bollywood with his net worth. Let us tell you that in the year 2009, Shilpa and Raj held a 12% share in the Rajasthan Royals of the IPL team. Which was bought for 74 crores. However, Raj remained under suspicion for a long time regarding fixing and betting in IPL matches. The Lodhi Committee found him guilty of a bet. And he too was never given the decision not to take part in activities related to cricket.


Along with this, team Rajasthan Royals was also banned for almost 2 years. In the same year 2012, Raj Kundra took the country’s first Mix Marcel Act Fighting with Sanjay Dutt. However, now we tell you in detail about the allegation due to which Raj Kundra has been arrested.

According to Crime Branch sources, Raj Kundra along with his relative Pradeep Bakshi formed the UK base Kenrin Production House company. Pradeep Bakshi lives in the UK and apart from being the chairman of the company, Raj Kundra is also the business partner of Umesh. According to sources, Raj Kundra’s ex P.A Umesh Kamat was the representative of Kenrin Production House in India. Actress Gehna Vasistha and Umesh Kamat used to get the job of making porn films from Kenrin Production House. Advances were available from Kenrin Production House to make different types of porn films. After which both of them used to start preparing porn movies. After making a porn movie, it was sent to Kenrin Production House through mail Id.

Porn movies were uploaded on social media app hotshot only through Kenrin company. A WhatsApp group has been exposed in the investigation of the crime branch. It was only through which negotiations were held about the contract. The group name of this WhatsApp chat is H account. And this includes 5 people sitting in London with Raj Kundra. Raj Kundra is also indirectly the owner and investor of this company. This company gives contracts to many agents for porn films and does funding.

The chats happening in this group have been taken by the crime branch. In which conversations about revenue have come to the fore. How much did this group earn every day, how much money do you give to an actress working in pornography? Whether earnings are decreasing or increasing in business, all these things were done. In this group, discussions were held regarding marketing strategy, increasing sales, and other deals.

Now it has to be seen that in this case what are the further details about Raj Kundra.

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