What did Crystal D’Souza say about her ex-boyfriend Karan Tacker? There was a time when the relationship between Crystal and D’Souza was everywhere. Where is it also known that they both fell in love during the popular TV show “Ek Hazaaro main meri Behna Hain”? However both of them never publicly expressed the relationship. The same thing is also coming out that finally Karan Tacker is dating actress Shrey Chaudhary and is going to get married in December of 2021.

In such a situation, Karan’s marriage is becoming viral everywhere, so Crystal too has spoken about his relationship with Karan. According to telly chakkar’s report, Krystal recently told Karan in an interview that she is her co-star and she is one of the good people she knows. Krystal also said that she did a good job by becoming a good couple on the TV screen. And they are not surprised that the audience likes the TV duo Zivika and Vivian. There has been talking of Krystal and Karan being in a relationship with Limelight.

However, both of them were always denying that they were in a relationship. And tell yourself each other’s best friend. Well talk about Karan and his new girlfriend Shrey Chaudhary, these days both of them are openly expressing their love in the media. The way both of them are spotted with each other by putting their hands in each other, both of them have come out as new couples on TV.


Let me tell you that Shrey Chaudhary is an actress and model by profession. Although Shrey did not appear in any TV show, but in the 2020 web series “Bandish Bandits”, Tamanna Sharma’s role was quite popular. It is said that Karan and Shrey first met at a fashion event. After some meetings, both of them had a good friendship and then this friendship fell in love. If we talk about Actor Crystal, she is focusing on her career these days. After making a big hit on TV, Crystal is now making her Bollywood debut. And will soon be seen in the film “chehre”. He is in the limelight with whom. well, Krystal then kept silent by saying that Karan was his best friend and a good person. But now we have to see what Karan says about crystals.

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