Kumkum Bhagya Popular Actress Shikha Singh Undergoing A Serious Illness.

Playing the character of Aliya in Kumkum Bhagya, popular actress Shikha Singh keeps posting about her health related issues on social media. Now the actress has revealed that she is not well for the last 2 months. Shikha has openly told in conversation with E Times what has happened to him. And how is his condition.

Shikha tells about her health that she said, “It has been a tough phase since the past two months because I have been mostly in bed unable to do anything. Two months ago, I had developed a skin allergy and was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition due to which the doctor put me on medication. But within a day or two, I started getting a lot of acid reflux. The doctors advised another round of tests, but nothing was diagnosed and I was told there is nothing wrong. However, I am unable to eat anything except khichdi or light food.”

Shikha recovered a bit last month and decided to take a short break. She added, “I felt slightly better, so on my birthday on February 7, we went for a holiday to Nairobi. Unfortunately, I fell sick there and had to be hospitalised. Ever since we returned back home, I have been resting. My husband Karan (Shah) is a pilot, so he has to keep travelling.”

She admits that her health issues have affected her mental state. She said, “I feel helpless because doctors can’t figure out what is causing the acid reflux and why I can’t eat regular food. Earlier, I did not want to post about my health issues, but when you live in a big city and feel lonely at home, you want people to reach out to you. My daughter Alayna comes to me everyday and asks, ‘Mumma kya hua hai?’ I see her face and feel so bad. I want to get well soon. I think many people are going through health issues post pandemic and we have to love and support each other.”

Please tell that learned has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. Shikha has entertained people a lot with different characters. Shikha played the role of Aliya Mehra in Kumkum Bhagya for a long time. But due to pregnancy, Alia left the show midway. After which Shikha made a comeback through Naagin 6. However, the way Sikh has told about his illness, he is surprising people and Sikh has remained in the limelight because of his health.

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