Audiences are very excited to see the upcoming twist in the Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya. Everyone wants to know how Abhi Pragya’s story will take a big turn with the leap in this upcoming show. Will tell you every detail of this great change that will happen on the night of 18th June. How new domestic show is going to come in this new show.

As you know, the makers have planned to bring a leap of 2 years in the show. With this leap in the show, he and Pragya will again part ways and both will interact with the audience in different ways. Well as you saw in the show how Pragya convinces Abhi to get engaged to Tannu. So that Tannu withdraws the case against Abhi.

Now in the meantime, Pragya has a terrible accident. And she will be missing just before the leap. Abhi will be completely shattered with Pragya’s departure. Then after this, the twist of leap will come in the story. And the story will be shown moving forward for 2 years. After the leap, in the new episodes, audiences will see Abhi no longer the most important and powerful rockstar. In the grief of Pragya’s departure, Abhi will drown himself badly in alcohol. Because of this Abhi’s fame will also be snatched from him.

Abhi will also lose all his property at the same time. After losing everything, Abhi will live like a poor person. After such a situation, Abhi’s trust in relationships will also end. And he will live the whole life only with the help of the memories of alcohol, despair, and Pragya.


On the other hand, Pragya will be seen in a new avatar as an influential force in a Multi-National Company. Tonight i.e. from June 18, the leap episode of SHOW will be telecast. In which Pragya will be seen in a new character, not the old Pragya. Abhi will be shocked when Abhi will face Pragya. And once again the story will take a new turn towards how Abhi Pragya will meet. Let us tell you that this is the third big leap in Kumkum Bhagya. Earlier this show took a leap of 20 years in its show.

Even before this Abhi and Pragya had separated. That is why the fans were not too surprised by the separation of these two this time. However, with the leap, the way Abhi and Pragya’s characters are changing. That’s a whole new thing for fans. After a few hours, you will have a new episode in which the story of Abhi and Pragya will once again take a new turn.

Well how excited are you about the upcoming twist in the Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya . Do tell us in the comment box.

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