Kundali Bhagya 28th january New Promo Upcoming Twist

A new promo of kundali bhagya has been released. In which it is shown that Arjun and Preeta are about to get married with him. On the other hand, Rishab now fully supports Preeta in this marriage without saying anything here. The upcoming episodes will be bang on here. Because now Prithvi’s entry to happen here and Anjali will support him here. In this episode, Anjali will be seen making a big plan in Kundali Bhagya.

Further in the promo of Kundali Bhagya, it has also been shown that what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes, let us tell you in particular. The upcoming episode will be very interesting. Because now the preparations for the marriage of Preeta and Arjun have started completely here. The marriages of both of them are now progressing continuously. As the marriage is progressing, Anjali’s tension seems to be increasing accordingly. But Anjali has made a backup plan in which she has joined hands with Prithvi.

Along with that, Prithvi now tries to completely destroy the Luthra family by joining his plan, in which you will get to see further that Prithvi’s entry takes place during the marriage. Prithvi comes here wearing a mask and now comes to the wedding mandap, then he comes here and attacks Raakhi. As soon as there is an attack on Rakhi, here Arjun and along with him Preeta and the rest of the family go to Chowk. And here Arjun tries his best to save Rakhi. As soon as Arjun takes this step, there is happiness on Anjali’s face. And along with that, in the upcoming episodes, here you will see many more revelations happening.

Will this marriage happen or not? What would you like to say about this news ? Do tell us by commenting.

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