On one hand, where zee Tv’s show Kundali Bhagya is making headlines these days due to leap. So in the meantime, suddenly an actor who played an important role in the show has given the decision to leave the show. The fans will also be shocked to hear about them. Let us tell you that the actor who has left the show is Manit Joura, who is playing the role of Rishabh Luthra in the show. Who has remained in this show for the last 4 years?

The same Manit Joura has recently told that why did he decide to leave a big show like Kundali Bhagya after 4 years? Manit Joura told in a conversation with E Times that a few days ago he shot a 20-minute long sequence for Kundali Bhagya. And during that time he felt that now the time has come to end this journey. Manit Joura said that according to the track coming in the show, my character goes to London. And then after a few days comes back to India.

Then I thought this was the right time to gracefully leave the show. Rather, I was planning to go on a week’s holiday. And the production house had also agreed to this. But I thought it was better to leave the show. Not only this, but Manit also told that when he told the director about his decision to leave the show, he was quite surprised. He says that when I asked the director, he said that

Kundali Bhagya is incomplete without you. Then Manit also told the director that he too is incomplete without Kundali Bhagya. Whatever she is today is because of Kundali Bhagya and no one can take this thing away from her. According to Manit, he has received a lot of love and praise for the character played by Rishabh. But if he only talks about keeping him in the show, then justice will not be done to the character.


When Manit was asked what will he do next. So he said that nowadays very good work is being done. And they want to make their mark through their work. He will soon make some good signs. Let us tell you that Manit was a part of Kundali Bhagya since 2017. He has also appeared in Kumkum Bhagya. Manit Joura has also been a part of Prem Bandhan in 2020. But within a year this show was closed. And then Manit completely became a part of the Kundali Bhagya family.

Apart from this show, he also appeared in shows like 12/24 Krol Bhag, Ram Milaaye Jodi. Apart from the Manit Look web series, he has also done films like Band Baaja Baraat, Love Shagun, solo, and Falsafa The Other Side. Although it is also true that in the coming days, now Manit is going to shun the character of Rishabh forever in Kundali Bhagya.

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