Kundali Bhagya :- Generation Leap Promo Out ,3 amazing Things Of New Track

The makers have released the first promo related to the upcoming leap in Zee TV’s popular show Kundali Bhagya. In which the first official glimpses of Paras Kalnawat, Sana Sayyad and Baseer Ali have also been revealed. With the coming of this promo video, where some people are expressing happiness on seeing the new star cast, some people are also showing displeasure.

This promo of Kundali Bhagya is going viral on social media. It is clear that the story after the leap will look completely different. But what are the 3 interesting things in this promo, which are impressing a lot, let’s know.

  1. Role strong with tremendous character look of all three

The first strong point of the promo is the 3 lead stars seen in the promo of Kundali Bhagya. Each one’s look has been carefully thought out. Which is completely matching with his personality in his role. Sana Sayyad will be seen as Palki, a sweet girl full of simple responsibilities and putting others first. Whose look was already leaked from the set. Which was liked a lot.

So the look of Paras and his character Rajveer Luthra are also quite impressive in this promo. The way his entry has been shown, it is clear that he will also be the main character of the show. So the same Basir Ali has appeared in the role of Shaurya Luthra, who has appeared as a spoiled child of a big father. His character and his personality seem to match perfectly. And at first sight you will fall in love with Basir’s character.

2 . Shraddha Arya will be seen in a different style as a mother.

Even after the leap, Shraddha Arya will remain in this show, this thing brought a lot of relief to the fans. It is now clear from the promo that after the leap, Journey will be seen as a mother to Shraddha. Who is living for her son son and their happiness is priority for Preeta. There is no visible change in Preeta’s look after the leap. But since the story of the show is focused on some new characters after the leap, the mother’s affection will be seen in full in Preeta’s character.

Preeta’s style will be seen in the form of a mother this time. Apart from this, what will be seen in the show, it will be a matter to be seen. This is also a big question that will there be a new love entry in Preeta’s life after years and a different journey of Preeeta will be shown along with her sons.

  1. love triangle

The way the three lead stars have been entered in the promo of the show, it has become clear that a love triangle will be seen in the show, in which there will be enmity, love and hatred. It is clear from the promo that Palki will be quite impressed by Rajveer Luthra’s thinking and his behavior with the people. So in the role of the same spoiled son, Basir Ali will be seen in the role of Shaurya Luthra. It is clear that Palki’s character is going to bring a big twist between the two brothers.

But all this will be revealed only after the new track of Kaise Yeh Show Le is revealed. Please tell that the public’s remix reaction is coming out on the promo of the generation leap of the show.


While the promo has been getting a positive response, Shraddha Arya fans aren’t happy with the makers sidelining her in the new promo. Also, they are expressing their displeasure on social media over the 35-year-old actress playing mother to 26-year-old Paras.

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