Recently the news has come out that Kundali Bhagya’s main lead actress Preeta i.e. Shraddha Arya has decided to get married. Many media reports claim that Shraddha Arya is going to marry a Navy officer on 16 November 2021 in Delhi. While her fans are very happy with the news of this marriage of Well Shraddha, many of the same fans have also come worried about the marriage.

The concern is that if Shraddha is really getting married, will she leave Kundali Bhagya after marriage. Well, this question is also bothering more people because it is often seen that to give time to their marriage life after marriage, actresses take a break from TV either for some time or from the industry forever. Makes distance too. In such a situation, now many fans want to know that what will be the decision of Shraddha after marriage.

Although Shraddha has kept completely silent on all the news related to marriage. Well, Shraddha will take a break from Kundali Bhagya, it will be difficult to say. Her biggest reason is that Kundali Bhagya’s Shraddha is the main lead actress. In Kundali Bhagya, the makers have recently brought a new twist, whose strings are directly related to Preeta. Actually, the trackmakers of Preeta’s memory loss are currently being planned.

The same because Preeta is the lead main actress and she is associated with the show from the beginning. So obviously it will be difficult to say that Shraddha should leave the show. It is possible that at the time of marriage, Shraddha will take a break for some time. And after spending some time with your new family and hubby, join the show again. And till then the makers kept using his back episodes only. Just like it happened some time ago after the marriage of Shiny Doshi, the lead actress of the Pandav Store show.


If you remember, when Shiny Doshi suddenly married her boyfriend Lavish, everyone felt that Shiny might not be seen in the show anymore. But soon after the marriage, Shiny rejoined the show. And during that time, the makers used only Shiny’s back episode in the show. In such a situation, it is now fully expected that Shraddha will also continue to play the character of Preeta in the show after marriage. And will keep entertaining her fans.

However, now it has to be seen whether Shraddha is really going to tie the knot on November 16 or not. Because till now the team of Shraddha and Kundali Bhagya has not disclosed anything about Preeta’s real marriage. But you must tell whether you want to see Shraddha as a bride or not. Do tell us in the comment section.

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