Kundali Bhagya :- Popular Actress Shraddha Arya Hints On 20Year Leap

Ekta Kapoor’s show Kundali Bhagya is in limelight these days. The reason is not its track, but the upcoming 20-year leap in the show, as soon as many old characters will be out of the show. And on the other hand there will be entry of new characters as well. However, if seen, till now none of the stars associated with the show had said anything about the new track ie Leap of the show.

But now Preeta, that is, actress shraddha Arya, through her post, has not only revealed about the long leap of 20 years coming in the show, but it has also become clear that there is a lot of work left in the upcoming track of this leap.

In fact, Shraddha posted this picture a few hours back. You can see that Shraddha and Shakti are seen together in this picture. Shraddha is wearing a yellow colored Anarkali suit, in which she is seen flaunting her big baby bump. So the same Shakti is capturing this moment. But while posting this picture, Shraddha has written in the caption that :-Beware! Bump Ahead … A 20 year huge Bump in time :)Stay turned as it on gonna get bigg & better. #kundalibhagya @zeetv @shaktiarora .

This post of Shraddha has created a stir among the fans. While on the one hand the excitement is being seen in the fans that the news of 20 years leap is finally true. In which the story will revolve around the child growing in Preeta’s womb. So there has been an uproar among the fans to know whether Shakti Arora’s exit is going to happen soon from this show.

Let me tell you that this news is in headlines for a long time that Shakti Arora will exit the show as soon as Kundali Bhagya takes a long leap of 20 years. Because he does not want to play the role of aged in the show. However, Shraddha will be seen in the same character even after the leap in the show. In such a situation, now the public is raising questions about the fact that apart from Karan Preeta’s pair, will any new pair be seen in the show? Will she be able to handle the backdoor of the show?

Will the show be able to do the same wonders with the new pair as Karan has been doing with Preeta’s pair for years.

Let us tell you that these days the makers are approaching many new stars. Recently the names of actresses Sana Sayyad and Paras Kalnawat have also surfaced. Where is it going that these two stars can be the new leads of the show. In the same show, the news of entry of Basir Alli and Rozi Sardada has also come to the fore. It is being said that both these stars will have a very powerful role in the show. Roselin Sonia Gomes can be seen in negative role.

ETimesTV exclusively learnt that there is a new addition to the cast of the show with Kundali Bhagya fame Roselin Sonia Gomes. The actress will be seen in a negative shade in the show. Further details about her character and its storyline are still under wraps.

We called Roselin and she confirmed the news. Though she refused to share more about her character but agreed that she is indeed a part of the show.

Well Shraddha has made it clear from her post that soon a big and powerful leap is going to come in the show. But it remains to be seen how long the names of the new lead stars of the show will be revealed officially.

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