Kundali Bhagya This Actor Ready To Comeback After Leap With Powerful Role. A long leap is about to come in the popular show Kundali Bhagya, this news has created an atmosphere of panic everywhere. Many important characters are being eliminated from this upcoming leap in the show. In which one name was also of actor Sanjay Gaglani.

Actually, actor Sanjay Gaglani, who played the role of Prithvi in ​​Kundali Bhagya, recently decided to leave the show. The makers themselves had also given a lot of gestures to end the character of Sanjay Gaglani in the show. But let us tell you that now Sanjay is making a comeback again with the leap. If the latest report is to be believed, then this challenge of leap will make Sanjay Gagliniki come back in such a way that his character will be covered everywhere.

According to the report of Telechakkar, Sanjay will now return to the show after the leap. So his character will be more powerful than before and much more powerful. Due to this, there will also be a big earthquake in the upcoming track. Let us tell you that news has come out that Sanjay has already shot the promo of this show. And soon the makers are going to release it too.


Well, apparently the fans of Sanjay Gaglani must be very happy with this news. Let us tell you that like Kundali Bhagya actress Shraddha Arya, Sanjay Gaglani has also got married recently. Sanjay married his long-time girlfriend Poonam Preet on 28 November at the gurdwara. It was being said that after marriage, Sanjay wants to spend quality time with his wife. And also want to focus on some of his new projects. And for this reason, he had left the show even before the leap.

Seeing his demand in the story, Sanjay is making a comeback with a bang. However, now the thing to be seen will be that Sanjay will bring earthquake in the life of Preeta and Karan. Let us tell you that after the leap, the story of this show is going to be quite interesting. While some characters have been out of this show, then many of the same characters are also going to enter the show. In such a situation, the fans are also very excited to see the story of the show after the leap.

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